How to get my Windows 2008 Server to shut down gracefully when my APC UPS with my new $150 APC Managment Card says "hey I am about to shutdown due to lack of battery juice"

I just purchased a new APC UPS Management Card, its installed correctly and it picked up a good IP address.  I can browse its menu nicely.  What is my next best step:
To have the Windows 2008 Server that is being protected by the APC UPS  to talk to the above IP address and execute a self  shut down down when the batteries are about to die.
Do I "NEED" the APC powerchute client installed on the Server or does Windows 2008 have a good UPS routine built in ?  (  I am testing this off site before I touch the production server.  So right now I have it on a Windows 10 PC in my homeoffice network.
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BillBondoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Probably reset the admin phrase from the web int. apc, apc is the default user/pass. Im guessing if you reset the phrase you would need to reinstall the client, and yes the PCNS. The phrase can be whatever but 15 characters. So make it like "passwordpassword".
Tyler BrooksNetwork and Security ConsultantCommented:
We have APC UPS's on all of the servers we manage and always use the powerchute software. As far as I'm aware Windows has no built in ability to communicate with the UPS to ensure graceful shutdown.
LockDown32Connect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
I don't believe you want PowerChute. That is for UPS's cabled in to the server via a USB cable. I think what you want is there PowerChute Network Shutdown software. I'd get you a lin but their web page hasn't worked in six months....
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BillBondoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Im going thru this at the moment as well. You need to install the software on the Win10 comp. Then from the web int of the apc card, configure time left on battery before it begins shutdown. With mine, I have about 15 min battery to run on. So I set the shutdown to begin with 10 min left on battery. It can be very confusing so maybe better to play with the settings multiple times and keep a stop watch for accuracy.
azpeteAuthor Commented:
Bill, when you said ........" you need to install the software"   did you mean the "PowerChute Network Shutdown" ?  that makes sense.  ( PCNS)

I have another problem I seem to have screwed up the passwords and want to reset the card back to factory defaults because the  PCNS does not accept my credentials to log into the card.

the default "admin user phrase" is a strange beast to me.  and the "encryption phrase is strange too..

any thoughts ?
pgm554Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There are a few pieces to APC,agent, console and server.
You need all 3 installed ,the console allows for management of the agents.

If I'm not controlling more than one APC or vm's ,I usually go the cable route and just set the management from there.

The APC utilities lets you tweak shut down for Exchange SQL and such.

Does the built in Windows power agent work?
Yes,but it doesn't have the reporting capabilities. of the APC ones.
Windows POwer Agent would only work if the UPS were plugged directly in to the computer via USB. The Windows Power Agent has no way of knowing that the net card exists or how to communicate with it.
I've had strange issues with APC not remembering passwords on a few machines after I set it up.
Not sure if it's a bug or what.
I had to reinstall to reset the passwords.
On a side note, I find it unreal that once the apc starts its shutdown that if power came back on it doesnt abort shutting down. That makes no sense unless I am missing something.
If you're right in the middle of shutting down a SQL DB or Exchange ,it makes perfect sense.
@pgm. What I mean is the servers have begun to shutdown. I would like the apc to abort its shutdown if power is restored after that. The servers arent going to un-shutdown. Make sense?
Scott SilvaNetwork AdministratorCommented:
@BillBondo  the problem with that is once you start a shutdown on a server it is best to just finish it or you might have things like corrupted databases or services in weird states...
If you have data that is cached,once shutdown is initiated part of the shutdown process is writing that cache back to disk.
You cannot flush cache in the middle of a shutdown and then change your mind and say nevermind.
That's part of how file journaling works during a managed shutdown.
Let me try this again....
I lose utility power
APC goes on battery
5 minutes later the APC sends a signal to the client comp's to shutdown
comp's start to shutdown
APC begins its own timed shutdown sequence
5 minutes later utility power comes back
APC is now off battery
comp's are still going to continue shutting down if not already off. I have never seen any way of stopping that
I have other things, ie switches, heat sensors, ISP, storage devices and stuff on this apc

At this point, since power has returned, the APC should not continue to shut itself completely off. That is the issue. The comp's have shutdown, power came back, the APC should then abort its own complete shutdown. But it doesnt and while I can manually abort it, the APC eventually will just power off, shutting down everything.

I hope that makes more sense.
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