Please you guys Help Corrupt Project 2016 file!!

Please you guys, how to recover a project 2016 file that i need so much,  is any way you experts
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xtermieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, have you tried to repair both Project and Office?
Also, please note that over time Project files may become bloated and fragmented.
Could you try to re-create a whole new file from the corrupted/bloated file:
1. Open a new blank project file
2. Go to Insert/Project and insert the problem file.
3. Select the first task which will be the insertion point summary line.
4. Go to Project/Task Information/Advanced tab.
5. Uncheck the "Link to Project" button and hit "OK".
6. If the file isn't already expanded, expand it.
7. Select all tasks below the top level summary line.
8. Outdent the selected tasks.
9. Delete the first task which previously was a summary line.
10. Save the resulting file.

Be advised that this will eliminate all custom formatting and that the new blank file created in step 1 should be pre-formatted with custom views, fields, calendars, etc. (Try using the Organizer to import such from the Global .mpt))
Ivan Rivera, MTI, SCPM, ITIL, Cobit, PMPProject ManagerCommented:
Try to upload it to a web editor.

Gantter could be an option:

Hope it helps
ErnestoAuthor Commented:
Oh man, its a midium size file 37MB any other Idea?
please you experts
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Ivan Rivera, MTI, SCPM, ITIL, Cobit, PMPConnect With a Mentor Project ManagerCommented:
I don't mean to work in it via web.

Just try to open it and download as a new version.

Later you can continue editing in your computer.
ErnestoAuthor Commented:
I wait about 2 hrs and do not open
wait more?
Dr. Thomas HenkelmannDirector Consulting ServicesCommented:

Not sure I'm getting the full have a MPP file from Project 2016 that you can't open anymore. Right?
Can you zip the file and upload here? Or, if it is too large, to a web share e.g. OneDrive or Dropbox? Then tell us how to access it so we can download and try to fix it.


ErnestoAuthor Commented:
no charge?
Dr. Thomas HenkelmannDirector Consulting ServicesCommented:
Sure no charge! This is Expert Exchange :)
good options and suggestions provided
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