Event ID 352 When Trying To Start AD FS Service

I am trying to get AD FS up and running. When running the initial wizard, I get all green check marks except for when the service tries to start.

Event ID 352
This article which edits the registry did not resolve the issue:

This article says that SQL server is having an issue:
I didn't read anything about needing SQL server in order to set up AD FS
Paul WagnerFriend To Robots and RocksAsked:
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ManjuIT - Project ManagerCommented:
Can you check if SQL database is running ?

Open Services.msc, and then start the Windows Internal Database service or SQL Server service.

For an AD FS server that uses SQL Server as configuration database, you must also check two security settings, as follows:
Connect to the server that is running SQL Server by using SQL Management Studio.
Check whether the AD FS 2.0 Windows service identity exists on the SQL Server console on the Security->Logins node. If it does not, add it.
Check whether the AD FS 2.0 Windows service identity exists under Databases->AdfsConfiguration->Security->Users, and that it owns the IdentityServerPolicy schema. If it does not, add it.
ManjuIT - Project ManagerCommented:
Have you tried this steps in detail from microsoft?

Paul WagnerFriend To Robots and RocksAuthor Commented:
None of that worked. Keep in mind that I'm setting up ADFS for the first time. The setup wizard fails at starting the service.
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ManjuIT - Project ManagerCommented:
I understand you've tested the registry settings. Have you tried all the steps mentioned in this link ?

Paul WagnerFriend To Robots and RocksAuthor Commented:
It was the Windows Internal Database service. Thanks!
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