MS Outlook Rules search text logic

I'm trying to set an Outlook rule whereby it will search the body of the email for two fields.
Example; QA Revieer and (a person's name).  I automatically get the "or" but I need an "and" in the logic of the search;
Need an "and"
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chimaAuthor Commented:
I should say that a phare like; "QA Reviewer: Joe Smith" does not work, because, I believe the text comes in a table format.
So I need to first search on QA Reviewer then "and" search for the name of the person assigned.
Outlook has a query builder, but I don't believe that works in rules.  It does for find and search folders though.  Might be a help?  Not sure what you're trying to do.  (

Only other thing I can think of (Sloppy) is two rules.  First rule looks for one of the words.  If it's found, flag the message or set a category.  Second rule looks for the second word and the category/flag from the first rule.
chimaAuthor Commented:
dipersp, thank you for the response.  I'm trying to sort incoming emails by two fields on the same email; "QA Reviewer and Joe Smith"
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Sorry, you're going to have to give me a little more.  You've lost me since you started out with rules and looking for text/fields in the email and now you're saying you want to sort by the two fields?
chimaAuthor Commented:
dipersp, by sort I mean sorting of emails that are in the "Inbox"  The "Rule" is to use the "Search" function within the body of the email.  When it finds these two fields; QA Reviewer (is the first field) and the name of the person assigned to be the QA Reviewer, "name" (this being the second field).
In the Rule's "Search Text" from above, it would look like this;
"QA Reviewer" and
"Joe Smith"
Yup, still lost on the sorting.  How are you sorting based on rules?
chimaAuthor Commented:
Once the "logic" of the Rule is accomplished, then within the rule setting you can send that email to a specific folder; hence sort the email from all of the others!
Ahhh, that helps.  You want to send these to a specific folder.  

So I can think of two options for you.  One is to use the query builder I sent you and use search folders.  While you can't bring them up to the top of your folder list, you can make them favorites and get them to that area of Outlook.

Other option would be to create two rules.  Unfortunate, but it is what it is.  First rule checks for "QA Reviewer".  If found, set a category on the email.  Second rule would look for "Joe Smith" and the QA Reviewer category.  If found, move to XYZ folder.  Then if you have multiple QA Reviewers, you only need multiple copies of the second rule (And copies of the first rule for any other roles you want to handle.)

Again, not elegant, but works since Outlook doesn't give us the AND in the rule (But does when checking multiple criteria.)  

Last thing I noticed in my rules - fourth one down is "With XYZ in the subject or body" then further down the list is "with specific words in the body".  Maybe you could split the phrases between the two?
chimaAuthor Commented:
dipersp, the other caveat is that this is not so much for me, but for the members of the "QA Reviewer" group to set up and use.  I am hoping that the set up would not be complicated, because it would turn into a large task to explain the set up to all of the members.  It could be that i would have to set it up for them.  This I do not want to do.
I can't use query builder.  The set up would be difficult for them.
I could use category, I'll have to go see how that would work.
I should have sent this at the beginning;
ruleI would do a "move a copy"  but setting a flag in the Inbox might be better.
chimaAuthor Commented:
I would then execute the second portion of the logic on the second folder.  Also, all email have a set subject line and shown "with"
Understood.  Let me know how that goes and maybe we can come up with another option if that doesn't do it.

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chimaAuthor Commented:
I'll see it this works and I'll get back to you.  thanks
chimaAuthor Commented:
I actually found the solution with the application I'm working with, thanks
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