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Wordpress Plugin Changing CSS on other elements

Andrew Spackman

I have developed a site at www.lifetime-legal.co.uk and implemented a staff plugin called "wp our team" however whenever this plugin is active it seems to effect the styling of other elements on the page even though they dont share the same class.

The page i have activated the plugin on is http://www.lifetime-legal.co.uk/team-category/meet-the-team/ when active it effects the newsletter div at the bottom of the page.

Would this be a css issue of js issue?

I even changed the class of the newsletter icon at the bottom of the page and it still displays incorrectly. Any help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks,

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Andrew SpackmanHead of Creative


It also seems to effect the four services on the home page www.lifetime-legal.co.uk
Don't talk to me.
It's definitely a CSS issue being added by the plugin.

If you look at


on line 3 you will see:

* {
    box-sizing: border-box;

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The * is a global reset and since the team.css is most likely loading after the overall theme's css, it's probably causing conflicts.  When I kill it in the console on the browser, the newsletter div snaps back into place.
Andrew SpackmanHead of Creative


Thank you very much, that sorted it out :)