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Google Search Console - two 'properties' for same website causing some confusion...

Hi experts, I'm new to using Google Search Console... looks like great tools for self-management of one's own website though. I have a website - www.thedatasurgeon.net - that I have a "redirect" set up with my webhost so that thedatasurgeon.net redirects to www.thedatasurgeon.net. In Search Console, I created two 'properties' - one for www.thedatasurgeon.net and one for thedatasurgeon.net. Was this necessary? Maybe all I need is the property for www.thedatasurgeon.net? Anyway, while in the 'thedatasurgeon.net' property, I did some fetches and "Submit to index" actions on all the pages on my site (only 6). Those all went through fine... I notice though when I'm signed in to my 'www.thedatasurgeon.net' property, that it doesn't show that these pages are submitted. So I'm just a little bit confused here... maybe I messed myself up with creating the two properties, I don't know. Could anyone offer any help please?

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