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Does anyone now if it is possible to change your Twitter and Facebook handler?

Our company is about to undergo a new name and brand change and we don't want to lose our existing social base / followers.

Thanks in advance.
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Definitely with Twitter... Log in to Twitter on the webpage, click on your Twitter pic / icon near the top right-hand corner and go to Settings.

Under the 'Account' section you can change your Twitter handle.
Anthony MinnocciSystem AnalystCommented:
For Facebook, you can change the URL in your account settings.

Go to settings --> Under General --> Username

This will also change your direct URL to your profile.
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
As said, yes it is possible. Just make sure you notify your followers that this is happening. With the recent growth of like farming scams in Facebook, I have seen people express concern when they suddenly start receiving posts from somewhere they don't remember following.
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
So it appears that the answer is "yes" to your question. Did you have any further questions? If not, please mark the solution(s) that helped you find the answer.
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