Set up a small 6 user network

I need to set up a 6 user network on the cheap.  Does this make sense:
1. Buy a new pc with enough storage to hold the data.
2. Open the pc to allow access.
3. Modify the existing pc's to do a "net use" to access the new pc.

I don't think I need windows server.  What they've told me is that they just want to share a database.
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lruiz52Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out the synology NAS website.
Old UserCommented:
Why not buy a NAS and create a share on there
Get a NAS, they should have backup functionality built in as well as HDD redundancy.
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breeze351Author Commented:
I've don't have any expience with a NAS.  What do I do and how do I set up the pc's to connect?
The NAS will have instructions on how to access it's interface via a web browser, within that interface you will be able to create a shared folder which, from each computer, you can then map a Network Drive (net use) to.  That's where you store your database.

If you went down your original route of buying a computer and creating a shared location, your share would be \\ComputerName\ShareName.

With a NAS it's \\NASName\ShareName.  The difference is that the NAS is accessed from a Web Browser or application that can be installed on a PC, but also has failover / redundancy built in to protect against hard drive failure.
breeze351Author Commented:
Any suggestions on where to purchase a NAS?  If I gooolge it you would not believe what you get back.
breeze351Author Commented:
Thanks, can do the whole thing for about $400.
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