Native Vlan Mismatch Impact

Sometimes when you configure Native Vlan different than the default VLAN 1, you can see  the Vlan Mismatch error popping up on the terminal.
I wonder if this error is generated by CDP or STP. ?
I also would like to to know if it has any impact, seeing that the PING still work between hosts.?
is it something to worry about ?

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Ian ArakelConnect With a Mentor Network Lead: Data and SecurityCommented:
Hi there,

The below link could be referred in context to the impact of vlan mismatch w.r.t SPANNING TREE

May not be relevant:
In addition to above, you need to understand that tweaking the native vlan helps in mitigation vlan hopping attacks caused by double tagging.
JustInCaseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Native mismatch is notified by CDP(v2).
Effect is - if you use different native VLAN on trunks, you will forward traffic from one VLAN to another. Let's say on one side of trunk native VLAN is 10, and on the other side is 20 - broadcast on the VLAN 10 from the first switch will be propagated in VLAN 20 on the other switch.

You can also read this one regarding the effect that might happen.
jskfanAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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