Cannot use Card reader for more than 2 time.

User told me that she have the Java program cannot read Card Reader more than 2 times.
After then, the Java program will halt.

Even she had asked another user to use their own card, the result was no different.

I had tried uninstalled and installed Card reader with using anther usb port but in vain.

The Java version is JRE 1 .8 .0.91.

Please help !
xman sanAsked:
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That might be an issue with the hardware itself. Check its docs
or the java program is limited to 2x reading?
Try getAtr().getBytes() before and after the call to the reader and see what that tells you if anything.
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xman sanAuthor Commented:
Have some good points.
However, the program use by many people but
only the user have the problem.
If any checking program can help us?
Java 8.91 and Java 7.101 are the current Java program.
Would have been nice if you'd included that piece of information in the original problem description. This TA is more focused on Java code problems, and this is more likely than not, as has already been said, some form of hardware problem, or some old hardware or OS of the machine in question, or underpitched RAM. You'd probably get a faster answer if you tell us all the detail you have, particularly regarding the spec of this machine.
xman sanAuthor Commented:
The PC information as below:
Win7 pro
Java program
It need read the e-cert ftom card reader.
Java 7u101 or
Java 8u91( we select it)
Any info you need?
test if it works from another user account
Any info you need?
You do realise that you haven't mentioned the card reader ..?
Are you an IT manager, or are you just incidentally helping out a department colleague?
xman sanAuthor Commented:
Card reader is Omnikey 3121
xman sanAuthor Commented:
IT people
Ask the manufacturer to eliminate the hardware as a cause of the problem
did you try my suggestion?
xman sanAuthor Commented:
ok,let me try.
xman sanAuthor Commented:
I had created an new profile. reinstall java , reinstall card reader......but in vain.  only success 2 times the third will halt.
Upgrade to the paid-for version.
xman sanAuthor Commented:
JAVA is free version? pai-for what?
Yesterdays, i upgrade to new version from 8.91 to 8.102.
It cannot sign.
After I reinstall 8.91, it can do 2 times.
My guess is that the reader is tied to a specific version of Java (which it shouldn't be). Check the docs
More guesses include :

Disable TLS2
Uptry to USB 3 or downtry to 2.0.
Try a USB cable from another machine, and/ or another reader that works.
xman sanAuthor Commented:
IE 11 only have TSL 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2
No  TSL 2.
Any suggestion?
xman sanAuthor Commented:
The problem was solved.  The root cause was related ecet

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