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Proofreading Perry email

Hello Perry,

I finally complete the project on your new laptop successfully. As I mentioned on my text message when I received the laptop the laptop was freezing, there were some updates stuck and when I tried to run a speed test on the wireless card I was receiving only 90Mbps instead of 150Mbps. something was truly wrong with that laptop. I spent about one hour troubleshooting these issue with no luck. In the end I had no choice but formatting entirely the laptop.

Troubleshooting the issues, formatting the laptop, configuring and updating windows 10, and installing the antivirus took 4 hours and 30 minutes. In my estimated I planned around 3 hours for this project. Therefore, I will stick with 3 hours in the invoice. Copying data, installing QuickBooks and connecting it to the quick book server it’s a separate project, must be done at your office and will be billed separately based on the time it will take.
Now your laptop is perfectly new and works like a charm. I run the speed test again on the wireless card and this time I got 150Mbps.

I will reinstate what I mentioned to you a few times, with a business like yours with multiple computers in order to guarantee your equipment to run smoothly and efficiently you should considered to enroll on an ongoing monthly or quarterly maintenance. Cleaning the computers every 8 months or so its not a surprise that we will always find unpleasant surprises.

I will call you tomorrow to schedule the day and time to take care of the other two computers. After the upgrade project is completed I am putting together a quote for the cloud solution.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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thank you John.
You are very welcome. Some of your business overlaps with what I do and I enjoy helping you.