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Entering BIOS

Hi all

I have an lenovo ideapad 100 and i want to get into the bios win10 before i get to windows as it wont boot up.

Thanks Davy
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Go to Power Management options, change what to do for Power Buttons, then near the top, Change settings that are unavailable and then Uncheck Fast Startup.

Save (OK out) and restart.  Press the key for BIOS (F! or Enter on my Lenovo machines). Watch the screen messages.
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Thats what iam saying cant logon to windows wont boot up
Start, wait, and restart. That may slow you down enough to enter BIOS.

On restart, press F1 repeatedly
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Not working John
You may need to contact Lenovo and get recovery media.

The two steps I outlined (first one needs Windows, second one does not need Windows) both work on my Lenovo Windows 10 machine.

There may be something else wrong with the laptop. Call Lenovo Support.
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Wait, wait, wait ...

Is anything appearing on the screen when you try to boot up?  Anything at all?   Or do you just get a black screen with nothing?
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Just get the Lenovo sign as customer messed around with bios settings
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Just get the Lenovo sign as customer messed around with bios settings

No. not unless you did something that would cause this.

At this point, call Lenovo Support.
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Hi LockDown32

the answer was fn+f2

thanks all for your help
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Thanks agian
I suggested prior using F1 - You said it did not work
Best of luck getting it to boot up!
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It did'nt work it was fn+f2
Thanks for the update. Your Lenovo is a strange duck indeed