Netscaler license

We are looking at renewing the current Netscaler license.
Current license has the following items checked - Web logging, OSPF Routing, RIP Routing, SSL offloading, Dynamic routing, ISIS Routing, Netscaler Gateway, Http Compression, BGP routing, Rewrite, Responder, Edgesight Monitoring(html injection).

We only use netscaler gateway for xenapp published desktops and some apps.
I know Netscaler Gateway feature will be required for my environment. Edgesight monitoring will be good to have.

But I am not sure if everything else is required as it seems more of routing functions.

Could you please advise how I can determine if the other features are required for my environment.
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CoralonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can add the free NS license to add load balancing to an NS Gateway.
And there is no need to load balance the DDC's.. they do that automatically.

From what you are describing, it sounds like you have an Enterprise license for your NS.  In order to be sure, try enabling the XML firewall (App Firewall) on the box.. if it allows it, then you have a platinum license.

With that in mind, you probably only need a Standard License.. the dynamic routing protocols certainly aren't necessary.. (NS can do the routing, but there are simply much better boxes to do that with).  To be sure, check your configuration, and see if you have any Load Balancing configured, and check your monitoring.  

If you step down to Standard, you won't lose anything.. This is assuming you are front-ending your StoreFront or WI with your existing Netscaler..  If you drop to an NS Gateway license, then you definitely need to add the free license to it to maintain some of those features.  If you are dependent on any of those features, dropping to the Gateway license will break something..

Dirk KotteConnect With a Mentor SECommented:
NetScaler gateway license do not contain loadbalancing. This is required to balance access to storefront/wi if you have more than 1 SF server. Also balancing DDC internally is not possible.
but if i look to your licensed features ... i would think this is a "NetScaler gateway" license already.
Valid information on the subject, my answer was much more extensive.
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