why can't is access a destination server using robocopy

I am trying to use robocopy to copy files and directories from a windows 2003 server to a windows 2012 server.   I continue to get error 5 saying it cannot access the destination directory...i have checked all permissions and shares and they seem to be correct....i am logged on as a domain administrator and both machines are in the domain.....any thoughts?
Roger GoguenSystems AdministratorAsked:
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Could you post the command line you are trying to use for robocopy?
Do copy or xcopy work with similar arguments?
Roger GoguenSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
here is the command   :  ROBOCOPY  "\\sourceserver\humanresources"  "\\destinationserver\shares"  /MIR /COPYALL /LOG:TEST /N
XCOPY seemed to work without those arguments, but I wanted to bring over the security permissions
I'm not familiar with the /N switch and am not finding it when running robocopy /? , though I'd expect that to give a different error if it is not valid.

I'm afraid that someone else is going to have to unravel this one.
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Roger GoguenSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
sorry ...the switch should have been /np
On which server did your run the command?
Did you run the command from an elevated prompt?
Copying the owner O and possibly audit U info require elevated privileges, copying the security S does not.

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Also you may want to add /DCOPY:DAT to preserve directory timestamp.
Roger GoguenSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I ran the command through powershell on the Windows 2012 machine....I did run as administrator with an elevated prompt
if the xcopy works, I assume the share permissions are good.
That leave as potential problems:
Attempted delete of file in use (caused by /MIR)
Attempted delete of file with no permissions (also caused by /MIR)
Try it witouth /mir then is successful, check for open file and check that administrator has all right needed for deletion on every file/folder in target
Also try with /copy:DAT if that works, then there are trouble with the existing security (administrator right was removed on some files)
Roger GoguenSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I double checked and was not sure that PowerShell was running in administrator mode...I think that was the problem  thanks
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