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Solution to provid system of management and helpdesk portal

i'm It Professional in IT services integrator entreprise
I need your help to chooe a solution "open sourceor Microsoft technologies based" to implement a portal or app to my entreprise my main needs it's:
+ Create centrelized portal contain all of incidents reported by customers
+ each customer has an account to log into his profile and generate a ticket if he has a problem
+ the Project manager can visualise the status of all these projects and tickets status

thank you for advance
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Sunrise software based in the UK worth a look
Top Expert 2011
In my company we have a ticketing service over our sharepoint environment.
However, I think you need something different, so please check out:

and a whole bunch of other software (I do not have experience on these however) are explained here:
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wrike.com is a project management tool that you may want to check out too :)
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