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VPN Traffic, cisco sonicwall

Hi All

i have a remote office that has 2 vpn links to the main office and all the traffic is currently using an old cisco route.
I am using rdp on the remote site to access a business application and the rdp server has the gateway as the default
the new vpn is on a sonicwall system and it has an address of

do i just update the gateway address on the RDP server to the sonicawall address to use this new VPN?

i tried to change a gateway on a printer on the RDP server but the printout never came through, when i changed it back the printout came out
any help would be great

1 Solution
Are you sure the Sonicwall is configured properly and routing traffic properly?  If you shutdown the Cisco VPN for a few minutes to test can you ping from and to the remote location?  Of course you need someone onsite to assist in this test but it sounded like your second VPN is not setup correctly.  Also, why do you need a second VPN?   A network diagram will also help.
Are you using the Sonicwall in a site to site vpn, or are you using either the SSLVPN or IPSEC client?

For all of these you need to configure what LAN networks are accessible from the Sonicwall. Have you done that?
Michael OrtegaSales & Systems EngineerCommented:
You need to change priority on the routes from the Cisco side of things to use the VPN connection going to the new SonicWall and then you need to update the gateway on your client devices behind the SonicWall to use the SonicWall. If you don't do both you'll have an asymmetrical route which will be problematic.

TrenchControlAuthor Commented:
Hi All

sorry for the late response. there is a third part it support team in place and we have been asking them to have a look.
it is a Sonicwall vpn with all the networks are visable at both ends
we will be turning turning the cisco off if its just a gateway change required.
Michael OrtegaSales & Systems EngineerCommented:
No feedback from Author, but I'm fairly certain that my solution was the appropriate one. Unfortunately, I don't know that with certainty unless the Author can provide feedback.

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