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How do I convert vb.net code into a SQL stored procedure?

I recently asked the best method for me to speed up a process in an application.  The answer was to convert it to a stored procedure.  Let the server do the work, versus the application.  I use LINQ to SQL in a Visual Studio 2013 windows forms application.  

I am attaching the original code.

I never use stored procedures because the method I use works. So this is new to me.

First, I created a stored procedure and it works fine.
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_GetCrazyWeeks]
      @NASA_Contract nvarchar(50) = NULL,
      @Rev nvarchar(10) = NULL
      Set nocount on;
      SELECT *
      from tblCrazyLandDevel
      where NASA_Contract = @NASA_Contract and Rev = @Rev
      order by WeekEnding ASC

I used LINQ and added the SPROC to my dbml.  Works fine.

I call it up in my application.  Works fine.  

Dim crzyWk = d.sp_GetCrazyWeeks(CStr(Me.NASA_ContractComboBox.SelectedItem), CStr(Me.ComboBoxRev.SelectedItem))

What I do in the app is  "For Each" and "Next"  each row I retrieve.  I try it out in a simple thing and it works.

 For Each x In crzyWk
                Dim xTO As String = x.NASA_Contract
                Dim xRev As String = x.Rev
                Dim xWE As String = CStr(x.WeekEnding)

Next, inside this, I pull additional data from the server, as this is a compiling process and update many variables.

So I wrote some more SPROCs.  
Dim lwpPlans = d.sp_LastWeeksPlans(CStr(xTO), CStr(xRev), CDate(xWE))
Dim thisWeekPlans = d.sp_ThisWeeksPlans(CStr(xTO), CStr(xRev), CDate(xWE))

Now I am stuck because I don't know how to use was I am pulling.  It's there, I can see it, but what to do.  I usually do it like this, but something similar is not working.
 planLab = thisWeekPlans.Item(0).Labor

And I am also thinking, what is the point between the SPROC and what I am currently doing??  Seriously, it doesn't seem to be any faster.  So I must be approaching the SPROC-thing  wrong.  Should I be SPROC-ing exclusively in SQL Server and just passing parameters through the application?  

Any suggestions, direction, links would be appreciated.
Many thanks!
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