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After Windows 10 upgrade, Internet Explorer unable to open URL's doing a Google Search

I have a computer that doesn't seem to want to open IE 11 URL's from Google searches after Windows 10 was upgraded. I get the error:  Internal Error: Missing Template ERR_Connect_Fail

Has anyone seen this? I tried making Edge the default browser, it didn't help.
I have verified that IE 11 has all of the defaults.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling IE 11 from Control panel, add/remove programs.
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I was able to change the search engine to Bing. But having as the home page still wouldn't work.

I changed the home page to and it searches fine.
I don't see any Google search items in the browser as far as addons and none in the add/remove programs area.

For now I will just use but I know the customer wants to use as his home page instead.
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you first have to go to '' you can now add that as a search provider in edge.
for ie11
add more search providers or go to and add google search
That did not work. I click on Google to add the search back into the browser. I then change my home page back to

When I search for anything under Google search I get the results. When I click on the link in the search result, nothing happens then I get that error message noted above after about 30 seconds.
try starting internet explorer with no addons.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe -extoff
change the page to and see if you can click on a link from a google search.
if it works then check your addons and also check the machine for malware with malwarebytes
No. Have a Meraki Firewall. If I change the Home page and search engine to Bing and we search websites on that, when I click the URL's it works fine.

Seems to be google search related
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The link I posted suggested that Meraki be turned off.  There was no indication that OP tried that.
The disable of web filtering fixed the issue