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Turning Off Background In PPT 2016 or Adobe CS6

I have an Aramaic Nasrani ("Christian") image on a black background I want to separate from the black, so I can make a logo with it.
The Nasrani is attached, and also is a composite I made in MS PowerPoint 2016.
Ideally I want to make the black go away, and leave me with an Alpha channel I can send to an embroidery shop.
Can anyone step me through that in either PPT 2016 or Adobe CS6? (I have Photoshop CS6 but am NOT literate.)
Files are attached. Thanks.
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Jamie Garroch (MVP)
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Since the symbol has a glow effect on it, you won't be able to use the Set Transparent Colour tool of PowerPoint or the Remove Background tool so this would have to be done in a decent image processor to convert the black channel to an alpha channel. I made a quick test with Gimp's Color to Alpha feature as attached but PS should give a better result and there are plenty of example to show you how such as this one:

You could also search for a transparent version using Google Images and set the search to return transparent images only.
With PS it should take only a couple of minutes to extract the symbol without the glow and add an alpha channel and save the image a a png to retain the transparency.

Check out the attachment...

In PS you need to use the Pen tool to add a closed path along the outline that you want to retain, then click on the Path tab in the layers palette and click the selection button at the bottom of the Path palette to convert the path into a selection.

Save the selection and you can pretty much do what you want with it!

Good Luck!
Oops! Sorry... uploading the attachment this time!!
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A V George
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Normanwills: Did that provide you with the solution you were looking for?
Sorry for the delay.