Permission on AD network path

Hi All,

Is it possible to give network folder rights in such a way that:
user can not browse that folder from windows explorer but he can copy files from that location if he knows the filename from that path?

What I mean to say:
Suppose there is a folder at:

Now there are couple of files at that path, say:

etc etc

Now, I want to give user permission in such a way that, all users can not browse \\\dm\abc\ from windows explorer but if he wants to copy "\\\dm\abc\a.txt" file, he can do it from command line or dos window. Is it possible?

Soumen RoySenior ManagerAsked:
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Benjamin VoglarConnect With a Mentor IT ProCommented:
Yes. You have to have windows server 2012 file server. The feature is Access-based Enumeration
Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
That's what I tried to do some time ago. It is impossible. Sorry.
Soumen RoySenior ManagerAuthor Commented:
If it is not possible, is there any way to make all files invisible to someone who tries to open files from those directories from Windows explorer?

Soumen RoySenior ManagerAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your advice. But is it possible that user will have read rights but will not view those? Whatever you suggested is close to that but not exactly. Is there any way?

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