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email tracking asp classic

for some reason it seems that my tracking is not working.

I have this code in the email:
<img border=’0′ src=’' width=’1′ height=’1′>

and this is the code of detectOpen.asp:

if request.querystring("id")<>"" then

	sqlu = [UPADTE mytable code]
	Response.ContentType = "image/gif"
end if

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Any Ideas?
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]
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if the email client does not ""show or download" images, your page is not called.
if on the client  network , that domain is blocked or not white listed, it will not be able to call it.

is your concern that or is there a tech error you get?
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1) I've sent almost 1400 emails in the past 2 hours with the code it is not reasonable that everyone has the client set for not ""show or download" images - 160 users allready reacted to the email so they getting it and I guess that this shows also that the domain is not blocked.

2) I've tried the detectOpen.asp from the browser and i don't get any errors and the DB gets updated properly.
so you got 160 answers from 1400 in 2 hours
well, then I think its fine, simply not wvwrybody has yet downloaded your email yet.
remember that also most non-tech guys are not reading their emails all the time, or even deleting them without opening them.
also spam filters etc
 i remember from our mrketing them that an actual reaction of bulk emails or sms was about 4 - 8% after 1 week
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I can get sure that the

Response.ContentType = "image/gif"

is working fine?
send the email to yourself, and open it in several email applications, and also web based email programs...
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I see. Part of those "stupid" errors that you can run hours and hours and don't "see" it ..., just in front of your nose, especially if the "font" is so that the quotes are not distinguishable.
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It was the solution that actually solved the problem...