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High Availability for NFS

Hello All,

I need to purpose a NFS solution for a project that I'm working on and the requirements must met:
  • The NFS solution must be based on Linux - no cost\licenses
  • No physical servers required - It can be deployed on VM
  • There is no need for shared disk like RHCS
  • The storage must be highly available

I'm open to any suggestions.
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David Johnson, CD
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Impossible to satisfy all of your requirements.
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Why is that?
OpenFiler for example cannot be configured with those requirements?
What are the limitations?
you need some sort of shared disk to make the storage highly available.
Does GFS cluster also requires shared disk?
Yes it requres a shared disk i.e. isci it also requires block level access there are further requirements i.e.
a failed node must not become available  while another node is recovering the journal for the failed node
What about gluster?
Does it also requires shared disk?
Any version of Linux will provide you with NFS
Andrew, I know but I want the NFS path to be HA so it will tolerate failure of server.
Highly available always requires something being shared. This way if your compute node goes down then the remaining compute node still has access to the data.
Where would you run the (2) Linux VM's? If you run them on the same host and the host fails then you have no storage (you could use local storage on the host as shared storage). If you run the VM's on separate hosts then you need a third host with the (shared) storage. How do you intend to spend the budget that you have? You do have a budget right?
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GlusterFS is the best solution that I needed.