HP Probook laptop will not shut down after W10 upgrade

Windows 10 installed as an upgrade to W7 on a HP Probook 4520s will not shut down.  It simply returns to the opening screen image.  Suggestions?
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tonyadamConnect With a Mentor RetiredAuthor Commented:
Jackie Man, that sounds like an interesting solution.  I solved it a different way by unchecking fast start....or least I think it is solved.  Am hoping that it doesn't pop its head back up and if it does, I will pursue your recommendation.  Thanks for your response.  I'm closing the question as solved.
Make sure all current drivers have installed. Or do a clean installation of Windows 10.
Jackie ManCommented:
It is a common problem encountered by users of HP computers running Win 10.

"The problem is with Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI). Downgrade it to a 9.x or a 10.x version. Disable Windows updates. Put it as an exception for updates using Windows 10 Show or Hide Updates so it won't upgrade the program automatically. Re-enable Windows updates (if you prefer to). Restart. Everything should run perfectly now, including its Sleep mode"

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLtAUe56Ngw
tonyadamRetiredAuthor Commented:
See comment about removing the fast start option in Windows 10 Power.
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