Why is a friend getting emails from me from email addresses I don't own?

Over the last year, a friend has sent me some messages:
1. I got an email from  you earlier which wasn't from you from (myname)0905499632@orangemail.sk.

2. I got another spammer email from you, address it came from was eamonross@bwana.biz.

3. Today: got another email from "you" at this address...  (myname)679@emirates.net.ae

Any idea why she'd be getting these? Is the problem on her side? Thanks.
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EirmanConnect With a Mentor Chief Operations ManagerCommented:
At some point in time, your email address book has most likely been hacked (i.e. copied)

Spammers are pretending to be you!
Tell your friend to be wary of clicking on any links (possible malware infected website)
mel200Author Commented:
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