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Exchange 2010 referencing incorrect domain controller

I know similar questions were asked about this topic, but I couldn't seem to parse out the definitive answer as to how to correct this problem.

I have a 2010 Exchange server.  AD is running on 2 domain controllers: one is a 2003 SBS DC (which is getting ready to be removed) and a 2012 DC.  Replication between the 2 DC's is current and from what I can see, AD as well as DNS appears to be functioning properly.  Both DC's are Global Catalogs.

In preparation for removing the 2003 SBS as a domain controller (right now only the PDC role is on it; all other FSMO's are on the 2012 DC), during a reboot cycle of the 2003 DC, I wanted to make sure that Exchange 2010 was working properly.  While being rebooted, I couldn't log into OWA internally on that server (mailbox and account can't be found/unavailable) and also couldn't launch EMC (throws a Kerberos error).

Upon the 2003 DC coming back online, without doing anything on the Exchange server, OWA and EMC will work again.

I had already changed the Configuration Domain Controller in EMC from "Default" to specifically the 2012 DC.  In checking some other settings from the different articles I had found on this problem, the Exchange server is pointing to the 2003 DC (Get-ExchangeServer|fl shows OriginatingServer as 2003DC and Get-DomainController shows both DC's but each entry shows OriginatingServer as 2003 DC as well).

Get-ExchangeServer |fl also has no entries for StaticDomainControllers, StaticGlobalCatalogs, StaticConfigDomainController as well as CurrentDomainControllers, CurrentGlobalCatalogs and CurrentConfigDomainController.

During the reboot of the 2003 DC, there are a number of errors in the Event Log, all pointing to not being able to contact a domain controller.  One of the errors lists both domain controllers, but still says it can't contact a suitable domain controller.  I can certainly include some of the Event ID's if necessary.

How do I go about forcing the Exchange server to use the 2012 DC for it's services and connection to AD?
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