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Any suggestions for Security Group OU structure in AD (Role based access)

I'm trying to think of an easy way without being over-complicated, to organize OU in AD to manage security groups.
Here's what I'm looking at now:
partial OU screenshot
Does anyone else organize similar to that?

The idea of Groups > Access > File > Servers, would be that I create a security group called something like "ACL_Server1_inetpub_write", and then add that group to have write access to C:\inetpub on "Server1".
Versus giving a user local Admin rights entirely to Server1.

Then I could have a Role Group called "Server1 Web Editors", which would be a member of ACL_Server1_inetpub_write.
Am I over-complicating Role Based Access, given this idea, OU structure and naming convention?
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