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Word 2007 formatting

I want to put a poem in one language and its translation in another language side  by side on a page with the lines corresponding. How to do? Is it with 'insert columns'?
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In Word 2007

Page Layout > Columns
and choose two

For more precise column layout and options such as gutter width, line between columns, unequal widths,
choose More Columns rather than two.
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Thank you. I have it done.
Very prompt, clear advice. I learned something and it worked.
GrahamSkan is correct. You'll have to use one table row per sentence or line to be able to exactly align original and translation with ease.
I missed the "side by side" mention in the question by poor speed reading,
so Graham's reply is the best/ideal solution.
I marked  GrahamScam as the BEST SOLUTION.  Clearly that indicated the solution that I used. Cant see why I was reprimanded
Both comments got the same amount of points.
That's going to happen more often because of the way questions are now closed - an extra step is now required to reapportion points.
True. I assumed that when I mark one question as 'best answer' the system will allocate it higher marks than the 'assist'. I was wrong
I didn't know that, either.

However, since our answers were in actual contradiction, I guess that subsequent readers will be able to draw their own conclusions.

For myself, I frequently misread the question and fire off a quick, but inappropriate reply. It wasn't me that did it this time, but the facts that your compatriot supplied were correct in themselves. They just didn't fit the question.

It seems that all procedures in all sites are being dumbed down for the mobile phone user. I don't have any experience in that area of technology, but I would have expected it to be possible to detect the device type and to tailor the interaction to suit.