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Adding dual boot Windows 7 to Windows 10 PC

I bought a Lenovo Yoga 3 with a 256gb hard drive. It comes with Windows 10 on it, but I need Windows 7 for work. I have choice of wiping the drive and installing 7 or installing Windows 7 as a dual boot additional OS in another partition.  I know I can install a dual boot Windows 10 on any machine with 7 already installed and it will automatically create a dual boot menu, but does it work the same way if I try to install 7 on a 10 machine? If not, is there any known issue with wiping it and installing just 7? Also, would 256gb be sufficient space for the two partitions?  Thanks for the help.
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Thanks Rindi. What exactly are the advantages of using a virtual machine over a dual boot?
You can run both OS's simultaneously. You don't have to reboot to change your OS.
Thanks Rindi. Very helpful.