Hey guys I am having the error every time i try to initialize the database and load the seed data? Plz help

Hey guys I am having the error every time i try to initialize the database and load the seed data? Plz help

Initializing database.database setting.
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MySQL or mssql?

Posting images .... Is limited.

You get an access denied, what user and what rights does the user have?

Text information is more useful.

What are you using? GUI tool? Which?
NOC123Author Commented:
I am using mysql. The user is admin. Right now i am using cli.
It is not admin, because you are getting an access denied.

Query the MySQL.user tanker.

Note admin@localhost is a different account than admin@servername.
Even if both have the same username, admin, and the same password.
These are two separate accounts with different rights.

In MySQL cli,
Cli are you local to the system on which MySQL is installed?

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NOC123Author Commented:
Thank you very much man for pointing me toward's the right direction.  I uninstalled sql and reinstalled. Then i created the database in the there. But that didn't work. Bc the file I was running was basically creating the database. Eventually I changed the username to @local. That did create the databases but i was still getting sql error 12. Eventually i changed the user to root.  Which is sql default. And boom it worked.

Thank's again.
NOC123Author Commented:
Pointed me toward the right direction.

Thank you.
FYI, you can use whatever username and from wherever you need, but make sure the rights granted to the user@location are correct for the tasks you want to allow the account to perform.
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