what does the gigabyte plans offered by Straighttalk.com translate to in terms of usage?

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Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

         My girlfriend recently purchased a hotspot device which will give her wireless access to the internet while visiting some relatives who live in the rural area.  With the purchase of the hotspot device, she also had to purchase a gigabyte plan on Straighttalk.com.  For instance, she paid $15 for 1GB which brings me to this question.  With respect to usage, what exactly can she expect from this plan?  The only thing she does with this setup is to talk with me within an audio/video chat on Facebook.  As such, I am wondering how much online time is permitted within the 1GB plan.  

          Any follow up thoughts to this question will be greatly appreciated.

          Thank you

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As long as you do voice only, a GigaByte is an awful lot of talking.  If you turn it into a video chat, the data usage will go through the roof.
Both; though, will depend on the quality you select.  Just as with video, there is high quality audio and low quality.  Plain Old Telephone (POTS), for example, was specc'd at 8 kilohertz monophonic which would be about 1,000,000 seconds or 277 hours of talking to reach one GigaByte.
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At maximum speed it will take couple of minutes (80s at good 4G LTE coverage) to consume your data plan.
Best is to find data plan that has 'reduced speed after quota', probably in faraway corner it does not hurt that windows update downloads for 3 days, it hurts much more being automatically charged for excess.
You may have your answer already but here is a good article.


The name for the site was a good one. www dot "confused"  (ha ha)
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Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

         Thank you for your thorough feedback given to my question.  While each suggestion certainly did address my question, Nick's link with the embedded video broke it down a bit more.

          Thanks again.

okay I know this thread is closed and solve. Yay! go tEEm!

but I just thought I'd offer a cautionary note here as I had a bit of a horrendous experience in a similar situation recently.

I too live in a fairly crappy area (tech wise) and my broadband is never fast, and likes to stop for a rest quite regularly. Too saw some deals from freedom pop UK which advertised a 10gb data plan  for 9.99 a month. I thought this would be a perfect fit for the couple of nights a month where the broadband dies. the network was using 3 mobile to host the service, 4G was right out of the equation in my location but I figured that dropping from  my usual ropes speed down to 3G would be fine for a few hours.

I signed up, ordered the sim online,paid by debit card, it arrived in a few days, spot on time, as the broadband died that very evening...so I swapped Sims and set up my mobile as a hot-spot, and carried on as usual, albeit a bit slower with spotify throwing up a bit of a hiccup here and there...about 6 hours later, 10am ish, my broadband cranked into life and I swapped back Sims...all was peachy right?

wrong! my bank notified me by text about 48hours later that £315 had left my bank account...WTF? checked online and it was freedom pop UK helping themselves , it turns out that by default, they set up auto-top ups on whatever card you use to pay for the sim card, also the service to notify you properly that your balance is low or that you are topping up is an add on which needs to be enabled.

I got 1 email sent to me as I was allegedly running out of data which went straight into my junk folder. for the next 3 hours I was using some super pricey data plan which racked up 315 quid in 3 hours. I tried to contact their customer service team but was hampered by it not existing. Their bug ridden forum wouldn't register posts from my mobile browser but when I finally got to message them, a rep told me me I had used 40gb or more during those 6 hours or so.  I went a bit mental at that point as I did the maths behind the 40gb claim...with a decent 3g connection maxed out, it would take like 18 hours to move 40gb ....my PC showed I used 7gb ish all night. and I was only being charged for the 3 hours after the email came.

this was reeking of dodgy , I managed to get it refunded by persistently proving that the data they say I used was impossible to use in the time they claimed. also they couldn't provide any proof of my data usage, they just had 59mb chunks of 'data' listed hundreds of times  again and again listed on my account...starting a good 3hours before my data plan had even run out. I sent them proof with maths and logic n stuff in a lengthy email and I waited...no reply, or the day after...then a text from the bank...315 notes had been chucked back to my account. still no word from freedom pop UK to explain to me just how they had arrived at the stupid data estimate or whatever but the refund was there. my account had been cancelled too, saving me the trouble.

be aware folks
I'm glad it helped you George.

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