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Small amendment to shape manipulation in Excel

The attached workbook contains a worksheet called Map that contains values in cells F1 to AN1, and F3 to AN3 and these cells are linked to cells in a worksheet called Adjustable Weighting Table.

A change in the value of the cell in Map, changes the all values in each column in the Adjustable Weighting Table.
In the Adjustable Weighting Table, the values in D5 to D179  are linked to the values in A5 to A179 - i.e. D5 is linked to A5.
And the value in D5 is linked to the size of the circle in Map on the map that has the same ID as the number in cell A5..

When a value in Map F1 to AB1 is changed, the size of the circles on the map also change.
This is also meant to occur for a change in value in cells AC1 to AN1, and F3 to AN3, but something is not working.

I would like a change in any value in AC1 to AN1, and F3 to AN3 to change the size of the circles ion the map.
Microsoft Excel

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