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Thunderbird popup prevents me from using mail

I am having a repeated problem with Thunderbird. It often, but not always, comes up with  a popup asking me to add a Security Exception for one mail address. If I confirm an exception it sometimes just repeats the popup, and sometimes loops to another email account.When it is in this state I cannot get into any email account. According to Bluehost support it may be something to do with SSL and they suggest taking this off, as well as changing some port numbers. But then sometimes I disconnect and can access the mail normally without doing anything other than run up Thbd again. They say they don't support 3rd party applications.
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That is your Avast anti-virus intercepting your email to be able to scan it.  Avast puts a proxy between Thunderbird and the outside world so it can scan your email for malware.
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Well, thank you. I certainly get a lot of messages in a loud voice saying that Avast has blocked some message. I will check other popups to see if they always are related to Avast. If this is the problem then I have to do without Avast? I will take this up with their support. Please comment if possible because I am wedded to Avast - and Thunderbird, and have been for years!
I use Thunderbird and Avast on a number of machines.  I just let Avast install the proxy and scan my messages.  It finds a lot of viruses in the daily load of spam that I get.  I did turn the Avast audio off.  I don't need to hear that.
If my Thunderbird is blocked by repeated popups due to Avast what action do you recommend? When you say "install the proxy" what are you actually doing? If Avast is always running doesn't that mean the proxy stays installed? I am running Avast Secureline as well as Internet Security. By the way I have repeatedly turned the audio off but it turns itself on again after a bit. It is very annoying.
Several issues here I know, but thank you for helping me. You have already in understanding a bit of what's happening.
I don't know what 'Secureline' is.  I don't normally allow Avast to run all of it's little helper programs.  And I have never had the audio turn itself back on.  So I am not sure what is going on with your system.  The email proxy is installed when Avast is installed or when you add an email address.
Once the Avast proxy is running and the popup messages stop access to Thunderbird, what action should I take to unblock it? I think uninstalling Avast each time isn't a solution but you haven't suggested any other. Thank you.
I only had to accept the certificate or exception once and haven't had any problems since then so I'm not sure what to tell you.
At the moment all is OK. I did accept the exception once for each account and it didn't loop. I had previously done this many times, but the popup returned. It may stay OK but I don't have much confidence. Thank you.
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I ran the Avast Internet Security  "Intelligent Analysis" and the Thunderbird problem has not recurred. What I can't get rid of is Avast's spoken announcement. It's OK now because Avast hasn't blocked anything, but at other times it is intolerable. Means I can't listen to music or the radio online.
Glad you got the first problem fixed.  I figure something isn't quite right if you can't turn the audio off.  I've never had that problem.