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How Permanent Turn off Windows Notification for iCloud

Hello Experts,

Can someone please show me how to permanent turn off notification for Apple iCloud. At the moment, I have to manually turn off by going into notifications as shown in the image.

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1 Solution
Branislav BorojevicFounderCommented:
From the screenshot it may seem that you are running Windows 10, not Windows 7 like the topic suggests.

In Windows 10, you would turn the notifications off by searching for SETTINGS or clicking Start -> Settings.

Here, click on System -> Notifications & actions.

Now scroll through the notifications and turn the notification for iCloud off. This should turn the notifications for this app completely.

Hope this helps.


Member_2_7966113Author Commented:
Hi Branislav,

Thanks for responding, however the solution you described doesn't permanently turn off the notification - I will get the same message the next time I log on.

I'm asking for help turning off that particular notification permanently


Branislav BorojevicFounderCommented:
Do the steps I mentioned, but instead of ticking the iCloud notifications Off, left click on it.

There, you will see several different options:

See image below as an example:

As you can see, even when globally you set the notifications as Off, some of them can be turned On.

Try ticking all notifications as Off, and then the global one.

Hope this helps!
GarrettTier One ITCommented:
You can also do this if you do not want the program to run when you login.

Hit Ctrl+Shift+ESC  key combination

Now go to the startup tab within Task Manager.

It should look like this:
Then click on the iCloud app and hit disable.

Hope one of these answers helps you!
Member_2_7966113Author Commented:
Hello Garrett, I haven't had a chance to fully assess your solution, but it looks like the most likely solution. Cheers
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