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Excel Macros? Possibility to do this?

Attached is a document that a few people here have helped me with!  I need a bit more help.

I would like to auto populate columns B and C of  worksheet16-Q3 by finding out this information:
When I type a name in column A of 16-Q3 I would like it to look at ALL worksheets for that name and if there is a 4 in that row in column J, I would like it to fill out  Columns B and C of 16-Q3, with what is in  in columns G and H of that same row. B=G and C=H.
I have no idea if this can be accomplished, lol, but I thank you all in advance!
Lisa :)
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Frank Helk

8/22/2022 - Mon

You can do what you want with a user-defined function and a worksheet formula like:
=vlookup3dtest($A19,'Aug ''16'!$A$1:$J$1000,7,FALSE,"Apr '16",10,4) & ""
In the second parameter, note that there are two single quotes preceding 16--not a double quote.

Install the user-defined function in a regular module, just like it was a macro.

As written, the UDF returns #N/A (as text) if it cannot find the test value (4 in your request) in the lookup sheets. Since your test case had one column that was blank and you  were returning text, I appended an empty string to the value returned by Vlookup3DTest.
Function Vlookup3DTest(LookupValue As Variant, LookupTable As Range, ReturnColumn As Long, DataSorted As Boolean, LastSheetName As String, _
    TestColumn As Long, TestValue As Variant) As Variant
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim wb As Workbook
Dim rg As Range
Dim i As Long, FirstSheetIndex As Long, LastSheetIndex As Long
Dim addr As String
Dim v As Variant
Vlookup3DTest = "#N/A"
addr = LookupTable.Address
Set wb = LookupTable.Worksheet.Parent
Set ws = wb.Worksheets(LastSheetName)
FirstSheetIndex = LookupTable.Worksheet.Index
LastSheetIndex = ws.Index
For i = FirstSheetIndex To LastSheetIndex
    Set rg = wb.Worksheets(i).Range(addr)
    v = Application.VLookup(LookupValue, rg, TestColumn, DataSorted)
    If Not IsError(v) Then
        If v = TestValue Then
            Vlookup3DTest = Application.VLookup(LookupValue, rg, ReturnColumn, DataSorted)
            Exit Function
        End If
    End If
End Function

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Hi Byundt, but I can't open the file you attached?
Tom Farrar

I think you may have a problem when you look at all sheets as Column J is not consistent on all worksheets.  Perhaps I am not understanding what you are looking for, but there is no column J in Jan-Jun.
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The file I posted has a .xlsm extension and corresponding file format.

When I tried to download the file from Experts-Exchange, however, I see that they added a .xlsx file extension to it. They did the same thing to the file you posted, too.

Please download the file onto your computer without trying to open it. Then rename the file to delete the .xlsx at the end of the file name. Make sure the file name ends with .xlsm and you should then be able to open the file in Excel.

I elevated the issue to Experts-Exchange technical support. After doing so, I learned they pushed a fix for the problem tonight, though it isn't working for me. FWIW, Chrome seems to download the file just fine. Both Firefox (my primary browser) and Internet Explorer have problems downloading .xlsb and .xlsm files on Experts-Exchange.


Hi Tom and Byundt, thanks for your responses!  I won't be able to address them until Wednesday, as I was slammed with something else.  Thanks!!!

Hi byundt,
I was able to open the file!
My issues is, I'm a total novice and don't really understand anything your wrote above, lol.
So, are  you saying I can get the results I want?
It does work when I put that one particular name in, but there is another name with a 4 in column J, and that is not populating the information?
I am a total novice!!!
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The posted code and workbook are supposed to solve the problem you posted. And they did so in my tests.

If it doesn't work at your end, please post the workbook that reproduces the problem.


It only worked with that one girls name.  Here is the file attached.  Thanks!
I trust what you did, it's me I don't trust ;)
Thanks, Brad.

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yes, that is what I want, thank you thank you thank you.  I'll open it tomorrow, gotta run.  I sure appreciate  your help :)
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Frank Helk

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