Problem with jscript mask.

I just stole this code from another page where it works.  I don't get the mask on this page.
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Branislav BorojevicConnect With a Mentor FounderCommented:
The script does not work because you did not include the jQuery library and the jQuery Mask plugin in your PHP file.

See this link:

Attached is the file you included with added library and the plugin. You will see that it works. You need to increase the character limit to allow full phone number to be entered, because the (,), and - take each 1 character space.

Ray PaseurCommented:
Client-side telephone number validation does not require jQuery any more.  You might want to consider the modern alternative.  There is native HTML5 support for input type="tel" with the pattern attribute.
breeze351Author Commented:
Thanks I've been away and haven't had time to close this.
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