looking for a program to scan my network for vulnerabilities

Hi all, I'm looking for a program to scan my local network and report on computers that have weak passwords, or no patches or updates.

I have previously used GFI, but the latest version seems a bit overkill.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.  Thanks all.
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Phil DavidsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm sorry, but I don't know much about GFI.  

Dell's sales people should be able to answer your questions to ensure Kace can do what you want it to do.  If you are not sold on Dell's Kace or the other suggestions and you have time, I would look into different Microsoft offerings.  There are numerous details to consider.  I know some businesses give weight and preference heavily to certain criteria.  Some businesses don't mind using different combinations of solutions.  Depending on the budget, the number of servers, and your plans, different options may make more sense than others.  While I think Dell's Kace is underrated, Microsoft has a number of tools.  For a purely Windows data center, some of them might be competitive for what you want.
Phil DavidsonCommented:
I'm not sure if these are Windows computers, Macs, or Linux machines.  I'm not sure what about GFI's password scanning you don't like.  But I haven't tried it either.  You may want to consider Nessus, Acunetix WVS Authentication Tester tool, LC5, PWDUMP3, or CAIN.
DanOwnerAuthor Commented:
Hi, Thanks Phil, it looks like those just do passwords, is there one that does patches and other stuff?
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Phil DavidsonCommented:
For OS patches you could use these technologies:  Dell's Kace, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, SaltStack, WSUS, or others.  It is somewhat hard to recommend because I don't know what percentage of Linux/Unix vs. Windows vs. other Mac OS machines you have.  If deploying code is also desirable, Dell's Kace is and WSUS aren't options.  I think Dell's Kace is under-rated.  It can work with non-HP hardware and virtualized servers.  

Here is a link that compares numerous solutions.   Lumension is another option.  But these options don't look at passwords.

For port vulnerability scanning, I like nmap.  If you have a Linux/Unix machine, I would install nmap.  On a Windows machine, you could install Cygwin and then install nmap.

For one comprehensive tool to do all of these things you ask, I am not sure what to recommend.  Is that what you are looking for?  Can you describe what would be an ideal solution to deploy?  I know you don't care for GFI for what you need.

The tasks seem diverse.  There are single-point-of-view solutions these days.  Based on the number of machines you want to manage and how flexible you are with not using a single solution, you may be able to save a good deal of money and leverage different tools in a customized way.

Dell has a service call SecureWorks.  They can do patch management and penetration testing.  You may want to have a consulting company do penetration testing on a regular basis.  For staying on top of the latest vulnerabilities, us-cert.gov is a good website.   But translating the alerts into actual comparisons of what you have is a tedious job.  You may need to hire a dedicated security expert.

I would recommend having a firewall appliance that is separate from an intrusion detection system.  I would recommend looking at the logs of both regularly.  For an IDS, I would use Suricata.  If you have more money, Snort or other Cisco appliances may be useful.  

The Dell offerings have competition from other companies.  Such offerings may be comprehensive and competitive too.  You may want to backup router and switch configurations and then apply the latest or recommended firmware.  These obsolescent devices can be security threats.  

Beware of social engineering and SQL injection attacks.  There are ways to mitigate these big threats.  Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
DanOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Phil, that is allot of options, I'm still waiting on pricing from Dell for Kace, it looks good.  Most seem to be pretty similar to GFI SNMP stuff.  Same with pricing.

All the stuff I want to monitor is Windows 7, 8, 10 and a few 2008 R2 servers.

Do you like GFI?
DanOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Phil sorry for the slow responce, The Dell solution was the best, have a great one.
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