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C# InstallShield - Update Config File

When creating an Installer with InstallShield it apparently takes the app.config and generates a file like


In my config file I have directory locations and database connections in the file.  Is there a way to update that file with InstallShield?  

If not I'll update the directory locations with the App.  Any suggestion on the database connection?
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the 'exe.config' is a visual studio construct for naming application configuration files. Installshield does  have the ability to modify these xml files. what version of installshield are you using.
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What i'm trying to do is updated the config file with directory locations of where the install is.  

The development application has the original directory structure.  It needs to change to the location of the install.
there is an xml file changes listing in the installation designer tab. you can change by key/value combos. its not the most user friendly setup but it works.
Here's the article that explains how to do it:

from my own experience, I've eventually came to store the settings in the registry, rather than in xml files. #1 reason is the upgrades.
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I've ended up using an xml file.  It ended up easier.  Also, I had problems writing to an App.Config file that I created which was in a different directory.  Using an XML file solved this issue.  Thanks for the input.