When trying to export from Arena the file is not opening in Excel


Background to the question is posted above. I was wondering if anyone on here has come up with a better solution than the ones listed by Freya at Technet. I personally called Microsoft's Office support and they did not have a better answer for me than the one provided.

None of the workarounds posted by Freya allowed Excel to open the files. The only thing that did was going to File>Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings>Protected View Menu and then uncheck the box "Enable Protected view for files originating from the internet". This has worked on most of the machines that I have come across on our network.

Our network admin doesn't want to implement a global policy change affecting protected view for security reasons, but we have been going around changing the protected view settings to allow files from the internet which has been allowing our employees to continue working.

I just was wondering if you guys have heard of any updates to this or know of any better fixes that are out there.


GarrettTier One ITAsked:
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Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
If it were me, I would be trying to script things so that all files that get downloaded into a folder I choose to set up get unblocked, similar to what Freya said for option 2 using a button.  All the docs I read say the unblock button has to do the trick.  But you say it doesn't work in your situation?  It seems it really has to work if you're using NTFS.

Here is a lot of info about Attachment Manager and how it works to block a file, and how you must have NTFS.  You may also like customizing Attachment Manager via the Registry by script if possible, or setting up Attachment Manager via GPO.

And here are the basics of how to use Powershell to unblock files in a folder.  See examples at the bottom.

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GarrettTier One ITAuthor Commented:
That is an awesome solution, and probably more secure than disabling the protected files view from all folders from the internet, but because we are on a network where not every user is an admin then they cannot unblock the files by right clicking and then clicking unblock. At least I thought you had to have administrative privileges to perform that action.
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
To try it, I just created a new local user account.  Downloaded a file to the desktop.  Properties, security, advanced, shows I have full-control on permissions for that file and that I'm the owner of the file.  The unblock button worked..

I would imagine some specific things are in place where you work to control permissions.  You might check if this type of solution is viable there.  Then if we know what constraints you working under maybe there is another way.  Your admin may have a long to-do list and doesn't want to add to it, huh?

Could you make sure you're the one signed-in, create a newly downloaded blocked file with Save As, right-click the file, properties, security, advanced, and tell us if you're the owner, and if you've got full control assigned?  Then maybe you can see what admin is doing to blocked downloaded files.
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GarrettTier One ITAuthor Commented:
You are right my friend. I will have to script this out and present it to our network admin as a possible solution that is safer than what we are currently implementing.

Thank you!
GarrettTier One ITAuthor Commented:
Good Stuff. Thank you for your help!
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
You're welcome and thank you.  Glad to be of help.
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