how can I use the Tennessee Board of Regents website to determine job cuts for State of Tennessee Employees?

Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

          I am needing help in using the Tennessee Board of Regents website to determine job cuts for State of Tennessee Employees.   Narrowing this down a bit further, the name of the university of personal interest within the Tennessee Board of Regents is Middle Tennessee State University and the department is Housing & Residential Life.  The category of the job position is Staff.  

           Any shared feedback to this concern will be deeply appreciated.

           Thank you

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Here is a very general article but it explains in a small way how layoffs happen financially.

TN state employees to get layoff notices
Tennessee will begin mailing out layoff notices this week to 853 state employees, Gov. Bredesen said Wednesday. The Democratic governor said another 317 layoff notices will be sent over the next six months. Bredesen said the first round of layoffs are being made for “business reasons” amid budget pressures, mostly in the intellectual disabilities and children’s services fields. Related “It’s unfortunate this has to happen, but I’m just trying so hard to guide the state through this very difficult economic time,” Bredesen said. “To do that we’ve got to keep our expenses matched to the revenues that come in.” Workers will be given three months notice that their jobs are being eliminated.  “While we realize these are difficult times and all of the jobs cannot be saved, we feel that through the judicial use of our rainy day funds — and alternate methods suggested by TSEA — some of the jobs can be preserved,” Bredesen’s proposals would raise about $49 million and save about 200 jobs among prosecutors, public defenders, foresters and probation and parole officers.

Layoffs are directly related to state revenues and expenses. If public defenders and probation officers, and those types of jobs are at risk, then staff at the University would easily be jobs that could be eliminated in extreme economic times in the state.
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Morning Nick,

            Thank you so very much for your link and thorough reply.  The article given within the link is from 2010 which brings me to a follow up question.  Is there an article or articles which address possible State of Tennessee Employee layoffs for 2016?

Hi George,

I'll look around for you. Here you see that the TSEA files suit against the state for the way they announce layoffs.

NASHVILLE, TN. – The Tennessee State Employees Association (TSEA) has filed a class action lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Davidson County against the State of Tennessee charging that the state violated Tennessee law by failing to give the legally required 60-day notice to hundreds of state employees being laid off before the end of this month. On May 9th 2013, only days after lay-off notices were sent out, the state shut down its NeoGov job-posting site. By doing so, hundreds of laid-off state employees were deprived their right to 60 days of career counseling, job placement and job testing.

(This NeoGov job-posting site might hold more clues on your subject)

I do not know at all but if such workers as prosecutors, parole officers, etc. can be let go on a whim, I'd guess that staff for housing and residential life might be very expendable.

Here is an article about the overall lay off procedures for employers in Tn.

Surely the State of Tennessee would not violate their own laws?

State workers demand action too.

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George, I'm sorry I have not found anything other than the 60 day notice they have to give. Some at Middle Tennessee State University might be able to help you.
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Evening Nick,

        Thank you so very much for your comprehensive feedback.  Your shared insights and research  into my concern certainly did clear up many questions.

Thanks and I hope none of your family or friends are ever laid off.
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