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To locate and remove Ghost & corrupted log files files in VMFS Datstore

Related to vSphere 5.5[upgraded from 4.1] ..recently we did in place vmfs upgrade & there was firmware upgrade done @san level as well
now from last few days...we are getting  few errors

"ON-DISK ERROR: FB inconsistency found: (8010,0) allocated in bitmap, but never used"

and due to this we are unable to delete few orphaned vmdk from data store, we can see same folder there on multiple lun.

Can we remove such file using any valid method wich can be action with no interruption to running services ?
also would like to confirm for below given quires...

>What is ghost file and corrupted log  files in vmfs data store? and what could be reason behind it ?
>Can we avoid such file creation ?
>Will that ghost or corrupted file cause datastore corruption or any other major impact ?
>is Orphaned vmdk related  to such ghost or corrupted files ?
>How can we remove such files easily with no service interruption or how to fix this issue on permanent basis ?
>what could be reason behind such ghost or corrupted files ? is in place upgrade reason behind it ?
In Place upgrade is not recommended by VMware ?

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