Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems, Microsoft SQL Server version compatibilities

I need some assistance determining version compatibilities of our Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 with Microsoft Dynamics RMS Version and MS SQL Server 2012?  We have a vendor assisting on the RMS POS side but they are not too sure about the GP side of the integration.

Our current version of RMS is 2.0.0123.  We would like to upgrade to for RMS Store Operations, POS and Headquarters so we can use new EMV credit card terminals.  One of the requirements for the HQ upgrade is an upgrade to SQL version 2012. We need to learn if these upgrades with conflict with our GP version, Microsoft FRx reporting and the integration manager link between GP and RMS.  
Current Version of Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems = 2.0.0123
Version after upgrade:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Manager 9.00.0029

Microsoft FRx version 6.7.5014

Our Microsoft Dynamics GP Profession version is 9.00.0274
Dexterity 9.00.0068.0
Smartlist 9.00.0258
Database SQL Server
ODBC Driver Manager 03.52.0000
ODBC Driver 09.00.5000

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – 9.00.2047.00(Intel x86)
Our Great Plains Server is a Windows Server 2003 RS Std Edition Service Pack 2

On that server the MS SQL Server install has the following version info:
Operating System 5.2.3790
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.50727.3662
Microsoft MSXML
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702
MDAC 2000.086.3959.00(srv03_sp2_rtm.070216-1710)
SQL Server Management Studio 9.00.5000.0

If we need to upgrade Great Plains to a higher version, please provide SQL version required and if that SQL version will work with the required RMS version.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

FYI: Microsoft has announced the end of support for RMS with extended support ending in 2021 and Microsoft ended support of our version of GP five years ago.
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Victoria YudinConnect With a Mentor Owner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
I just found GP 9.0 system requirements from 2007 - looks like the latest version of SQL compatible with it is SQL 2005. It's possible that SQL 2008 might be ok with a particular service pack, but I do not have any specific notes that I was able to find on this. Either way, you're between SP 1 and SP 2 based on your build (, so if you're staying on that build, SQL 2005 is it.

While it is possible that you GP will work on newer versions of SQL, you will cut yourself off from the ability to create new companies, apply services packs or perform upgrades in the future because at those steps the GP application will check the SQL version and determine that there is a problem and then prevent you from going further.

If you are current with your Dynamics GP maintenance, you can log into CustomerSource and find all the information you need on the currently supported versions of GP. Here is a list with support dates:

You can also find all the links needed for SQL compatibility, etc. on my blog:
GP 2016:
GP 2015:
GP 2013:

If you are not current on your Dynamics GP maintenance, I would recommend talking to your GP Partner first about your options and what it will cost to upgrade, as there can be some very stiff penalties for not having stayed current on maintenance.

Hope that helps.
pgm554Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Going through the gp 9 upgrade now.
Better to just bite the bullet and upgrade to 2016 and SQL 2016.

In order to move to the latest sql from 9 ,there are 2 to 3 intermediate sql upgrades you need to perform.

And get rid of server 2003.
wineybob18Author Commented:
Thanks for your insights!
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