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TSQL Split function

Hello Experts,
I am using SQL Server 2008:

I want a write a SQL function that will split the following string  by backslash delimiter and return a table..

Input String:   CNCS01306/01307  ( the string format and length remains the same)


Any help?

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Scott Pletcher
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A very efficient, probably "best practice", splitter is dbo.DelimitedSplit8K.  You can Google for the source.
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not just splitting, I want the second string (added with first strings first 4 characters as shown in my example...)
Nah, still basically just a split, you just have to get the prefix first, then split the string minus the prefix, and add the prefix back to the front of every item afterward :) :

DECLARE @string varchar(8000)
SET @string = 'CNCS01306/01307/1309/241/99908765'

SELECT ca1.string_prefix + ds.Item
    SELECT @string AS string
) AS base_data
    SELECT LEFT(string, PATINDEX('%[0-9]%', string) - 1) AS string_prefix
) AS ca1
CROSS APPLY dbo.DelimitedSplit8K (SUBSTRING(string, LEN(string_prefix) + 1, 8000), '/') ds
If the format and length remains same, why can't you use simple left function?

My bad, ignore my previous comment
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check this. If this works for you, you can create a function and with this logic and call it in your code.
declare @str varchar(100) = 'CNCS01306/01307'

select case when n > 1 then left(string,4) else '' end + ltrim(SUBSTRING(string, n, CHARINDEX('/', string + '/',n) - n)) split_string
  from (select @str string) t1
  CROSS JOIN (SELECT number FROM master..spt_values WHERE type = 'P')  AS Numbers(n)
 WHERE SUBSTRING('/' + string, n, 1) = '/'

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