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Hi All,

Looking for some guidance on VPN speed issues with a sonicwall site to site VPN.

Main site is a NSA 3500 and the remote site is the older PRO 2040 Enhanced.

Main Site is Fiber 50mbps+ and the remote side is ADSL2+ 14mbps.

Surinfg the web etc at the remote site is fine but anything using the VPN such as file transfer or applications is extremely slow around the 100kbps range.

Any idea what this is happening?

Thank you.
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Did you find this article on changing the security policies?
Have you disabled services on the VPN link, especially Content Filter?


Hi The Security policy change helped a little but its still very slow, any other ideas?
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Is your default gateway set to point to the LAN side of the Sonicwall.

Where is your dns pointing. If you use an ip address instead of a URL is their any difference.


default gateway is set to LAN.

Also the DNS is pulled in via the WAN settings
What numbers do you get if you run a speed test (and the outbound is more important than the inbound)?
If you run a traceroute to a device on the remote side of the vpn, does it show anything unexpected?

Is there any crossover in the subnets at each end?
what is the latency (ping time) between the two sonincwalls ?
And yet again we lost the author.....
Close and delete.


Upload speed on the link is the issue I believe I have put in for an upgrade.

The speed has increased since using your suggestions though, so thank you.

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