Changing network subnet

Hi Experts,

We are merging with another company and need to change our private subnets to theirs.

We have DHCP scopes created for the clients We will change server IP's to the new subnet. My concern is we have 2 VLAN's  on our switches that need to be changed along with the IP for management.

Is this the correct order and approach.

Routers are complete(not using them as gateways.

1) Change Switch management IP
2) Change VLAN IP's leave VLAN ID the same.
3) Change all servers to new IP and Gateway.
4) Activate new workstation scopes

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JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
1, 3, and 4: Yes.
2: I think so. There is no need to change the VLAN ID.
5: Change printers as well.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
There is slightly more to it.....
Don't forget other networked equipment. (esp. the ones without DHCP).

Network services (Printing, LDAP, DNS, log servers, ...) are also changing. So you will also need to update policies (Windows) or config files that address those services. Part of them (Like DNS) might be supplied in DHCP.
Check the configuration for use of hard IP addresses in stead of names.

Check DNS service records (Like MX, that require IP addresses and not names).
talltreeAuthor Commented:
Thank you John and Noci.
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