Hosted RDP Server - is this secure


We have some sites in HK and China and am looking into the following scenario

They are trying to PPTP into the UK and then use an application on a terminal server. If no one else is working, then this is possible but as soon as more staff arrive it slows down to the point where it is not usable. The internet at both locations is quick but all traffic including email is going down a shared (With Other ISP users) international connection. This is so slow.
In order to speed things up email is being moved so it is hosted in HK. For the terminal server application my thinking was to use a cloud based hosted server in HK. We RDP from HK/China into this and from this server we can then PPTP to the UK and use the terminal server. We have tried this and it is much quicker.
From a security point of view we can restrict what IP addresses can connect to the server but do I need anything further to encrypt the traffic.


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Bryant SchaperCommented:
You would want to run RDP with SSL, but it can be secure.  I have seen payroll applications use this model. thery use citrix, but it is still secure.
mdj1501Author Commented:
This is at a data centre and they have said you can limit the IP's that can connect and it will be secure enough. I have my doubts ?
Scott SilvaNetwork AdministratorCommented:
PPTP is never a secure vpn protocol.. It was breached years ago
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mdj1501Author Commented:
We can use SSL VPN with one account for this to increase security. Once one user connects the server is connected so the additional users coming on will connect to the services in the UK.
Bryant SchaperCommented:
then you should be ok
mdj1501Author Commented:
so just to confirm rdp to datacentre over the internet, ssl to uk and terminal services over that link
mdj1501Author Commented:
what if i purchase a ssl certificate for the server I connect to ?
Bryant SchaperCommented:
Do you need further assistance, I missed your question about a cert, you can buy one or issue from your CA if you have one

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