Two of my three WiFi Routers lose connection

I have had one WiFi Router, a Linksys e1200, provide WiFi access for our company without problem for a year or so.  Recently I added two more of the same routers in different areas of the building so we can have a wider range of WiFi connection.  These two recent routers continue to lose connection and therefore WiFi access is not possible until the router is reset.  They work for a day or two, and then lose connection again.  I have tried to change to different channels and other settings for them but nothing I've tried keeps them connected for any length of time.  I never have problems with the original WiFi router.
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Your problem is hardware, not wireless frequency. Replaced them with access points. You could use UniFi APs, but if interference is a major issue, I'd recommend going with Ruckus instead.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Have you done a survey to see if there are other WiFi sources in those areas?  My apartment has picked up as many as 79 other WiFi sources at one time.  I use WirelessNetView to see what other signals there are.  Too many sources can cause interference with your routers.
susanmercAuthor Commented:
Thank you, Dave, for your comment.  I can use WirelessNetView, but if I find that there are other signals, what can I do about them?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
You can't necessarily do anything about them but at least you will know what's happening.  Are you using the 5GHz band or just 2.4GHz?  Usually the 5GHZ band is less congested and has more channels.
susanmercAuthor Commented:
I am using 2.4GHz.  I will try the 5GHz and see if that helps.
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
You are using Routers, so my question is how you connecting Routers to your network ?
If you using WAN connection to your LAN then you doing double NAT, so Your WAN in Router getting IP from your DHCP server.
In this scenario you must be sure that all 3 of your routers are configured with 3 different subnets
For example
if Router 1 has DHCP ON and has IP 192.168.1.x
then second should be set for 192.168.2.x
third one 192.168.3.x

if all your routers has DHCP on and you're using same subnet on all of them then is very possible that first router releasing IP for some device that is going to be in conflict with one you your other device getting IP from second or third router and You'll not know about it.

Second advice is to turn off DHCP on second and third router and connect them to your network using LAN connection not WAN
Since you probably have firewall with NAT on your network on on first router then second and third routers will work that way as Access points not routers. This will eliminate conflicts and will not duplicate NAT-s
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