Why cannot ping x.x.x.x in Juniper router?

Usually two routers can ping each other by ping x.x.x.x in Cisco devices
But in Juniper, we have to do like this ping bypass-routing interface ge-1/1/3

Do you think we can ping like this ping x.x.x.x in Juniper? If so, why I cannot ? Thank you
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JustInCaseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can ping with ping x.x.x.x in Juniper (that will create continuous ping), but you need to have routes properly configured. bypass-routing means that ping is ignoring routing table. Problem can be source interface (e.g loopback - not directly connected interfaces) you are using for ping and one or both routers missing route to each other's loopback.
bypass-routing      —      (Optional) Bypass the normal routing tables and send ping requests directly to a system on an attached network. If the system is not on a directly attached network, an error is returned. Use this option to ping a local system through an interface that has no route through it.
ping - other options
ping host   <---  host       —      IP address or hostname of the remote system to ping.
eemoonAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much for your reply. it is vrf issue
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