Unable to embed a youtube video in powerpoint 2016

A user of ours is unable to embed a video into powerpoint 2016. We are using windows 7 and office 2016. As a domain admin it runs, however as a standard user it will not. It appears something is trying to load/do something but then it stays blank. Microsoft lists that it is something that can be done 2016 but there isn't much information on it. I've followed almost every possible suggestion online but there isn't much on it. We do use a proxy and I've tried to disable it but that did not work. I've given a standard user additional rights to the program but that did not work either. Short of being a domain admin, a video will not embed. It does not matter if you use the code or search/paste the link for it.
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Scott CSenior Systems EnginerCommented:
Would downloading the video and actually place it into the presentation be an option?

All you need to do is place "ss" in front of the link and you can download it.



would become:

I would also recommend just downloading it. Playing YouTube videos in PPT is not very reliable, partly because Google occasionally changes the embed code, which is what PPT uses to link to the online video and play it on the slide.

In your case, it doesn't sound like that in itself is the issue, but it's the easiest and most reliable solution.
bmoulouaAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for the comments and suggestions. I am relieved to see at least an option for us.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Having found this will looking for a solution.... for us this worked.. various things suggested changing setting for protected mode for "restricted sites" and "do not save encrypted pages to disk" but we needed to tick protected mode for the "internet" zone.

Internet Options:

Security tab, Internet Zone, Enable protected mode = On
Advanced tab, Security section, do not save encrypted pages to disk

Neither IE or Powerpoint 2016 (and other Office 2016 apps) seemed to need a restart to pick that up.  This was on Windows 10.

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