How to use SFC with offline solutions to repair windows 10

I have a corrupted  Windows 10 home on a laptop and the files that SFC would use are also corrupted. I have a installation disk of Windows 10 pro and the system files look like they are stored in a \sources directory on the DVD. I am having problems using /offbootdir and /offwindir to get SFC to use the system files on the installation DVD. Can someone help me with the syntax or perhaps another way of repairing this install?
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JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You would have to try an offline DISM repair. SFC is not likely to do much if the system is screwed. Trying to use offline DISM (or SFC) could be a bit daunting.

You can more easily go the Media Creation Link

If you can run this computer above, go to the link, click on Upgrade to Windows 10, click on Download, then Run or Open (not Save), allow drivers to upgrade, select Keep Everything, and let Windows reinstall. About 2 hours.

If you cannot run the computer, use another computer, Download the ISO above (Save) and create a bootable installation DVD.

Boot the problem computer with the bootable DVD and be sure to Keep Everything.
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i would backup the data, and do a fresh install
that's the best way to solve it...
pmacafeeAuthor Commented:
I have a replacement drive that I can put on a SATA to USB adapter. Is there a way to install Win 10 on it before I install it on the laptop and have it keep the "C" designation? The last time I did this the drive required it to retain the USB drive letter designation.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
best way is this :
disconnect old drive, and install new one
then boot up from the install media, and install - that's it - Always on C:
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Is there a way to install Win 10 on it before I install it on the laptop and have it keep the "C" designation?

This is not a good way to install Windows 10. Install the drive in the computer and install Windows 10 onto the drive. Much easier and better this way. Licensing will be good to.
pmacafeeAuthor Commented:
Gentlemen (because so many have given good advice)
I must be the most insubordinate client here, not following all instructions to the letter.
So I used the Paragon utility to restore from archive, put the disk back into the laptop, and then ran the Paragon recovery utilities with no joy. I then put a windows 10 enterprise disk in and ran all the repair dos commands listed above. Still no joy and the screen says that windows needs repairing. My installation disk has two options, one for a clean install and another to keep personal files but loose applications. Maybe I should take the advice to do a clean windows 10 install and then do the recover from archive on top of that.
that looks like your best option to me
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