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Understanding byte in Java

Hello there,

I am trying to understand what it means when the return type in byte. is it number format or ascii??confused. ALso I have this code below when retunrs the buffer length. first it prints 0 and then in the second print it outputs 28. I want to know where it gets this 28 from. I will appreciate your help to understand this concept.


public class App
	public static void main(String[] args)
		System.out.println("Hello Vert.x!");

		Buffer buffer = Buffer.buffer();

		System.out.println("buffer.length() = " + buffer.length());

		buffer.setByte  ( 0, (byte)  127);
		buffer.setShort ( 2, (short) 127);
		buffer.setInt   ( 4,         127);
		buffer.setLong  ( 8,         127);
		buffer.setFloat (16,      127.0F);
		buffer.setDouble(20,      127.0D);

		System.out.println("buffer.length() = " + buffer.length());

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